Would you Like to be able to Communicate Clearly with your Horse?
Ever feel that your horse doesn’t understand you?
Are you still looking for the key to unlock that magical relationship?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is often YES, then we are here to help you.  The good news is that is not your fault.  Interspecies communication is a challenge but there is a way to unlock the secrets that make developing a better relationship with your horse possible.

Have you ever been taught about horse behaviour and specifically what are horses natural instincts?  Well without this basic information there is no way that you can really have any insight into what your horse is trying to communicate to you.  Instinctive Horsemanship is all about entering the horses world and understanding how he thinks and acts and importantly learning from the horse.  Through my programmes I teach you how to interpret Horse Speak and so facilitate you to learn from horses.

My programmes are inspired by the Carolyn Resnick Method which is philosophy of horse training based on using the horse’s natural instincts. By respecting and working with a horses’ natural tendencies you can shape his behavior to become a true partner who is enthusiastic about his work because its only when a horse has great self esteem that superior performance can be achieved.  The foundation of her method is the seven Waterhole Rituals.  Through application of the rituals you can develop in a horse the attitude to seek out your companionship over another horse which opens the door to an amazing relationship.

All our work is conducted with a horse while he was free at liberty and able to express himself in a natural manner. Working in a free open environment with your horse allows the relationship to develop slowly and naturally. The Seven Waterhole Rituals will take you on a journey with plenty of self-discovery as you learn the true nature of the equine mind.

So come and embark on a magical journey with me that ultimately results in you being able to dance with your horse through the magnetic connection you have with them.  It’ll be FUN and so life changing.