About Julia

Julia Felton is passionate about  helping companies and individuals connect to their inner success by proactively leading their own lives.  Unusually she teaches leadership through experiential learning programmes with horses. Horses have taught me some of the best life lessons I have ever learnt and there is no greater critic of your leadership style than a horse.

Julia worked for twenty years in the corporate sector for companies like Andersen and Deloitte, before she had the courage to take the plunge and pursue her real passion of working with horses. Over the last five years she has been on a journey of self discovery that has taken her across the world and seen her train and work with a number of natural horsemen and inspiring personal development coaches.

Instinctive Horsemanship proves to be an ideal way for Julia to combine her passion for horses with her knowledge of business and leadership. An empathic coach Julia’s personal experience helps her understand the fear that can stop us acknowledging and appreciating the courage that is required to make change. To become a great leader is difficult it takes understanding, patience, trust, respect and openness, all great skills that horses can teach us.

Julia is a qualified riding instructor (BHSAI) and holds the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate in Natural Horsemanship. Additionally Julia is a Licensed HorseDream Partner in Horse Assisted Education and member of the European Association of Horse Assisted Educators (EAHAE). She is also an NLP Practitioner and Coach, a Certified Money Breakthrough Coach and a Talent Dynamics Consultant.  She describes herself as a student of life.

An accomplished speaker and author of the forthcoming book,  Unbridled Success – How the Secret Lives of Horses Can Develop Our Leadership, Teamwork and Communication Skills,  Julia loves nothing more than sharing with people the amazing life lessons that horses can teach us and how these apply to our daily lives – both business and personal.

“My biggest reward in life is to see my clients become empowered to take more control of their lives. To make choices that help them connect to their own success and find their own dreams. I truly believe that greatness lies within all of us and it is my honour to help people on that journey to discover their true self.”

To learn about the programmes Julia runs please contact her on 01403 788815, connect@connect-thru-horses.com