Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries

I felt compelled to write this article today because for some reason the topic of boundaries just keeps coming up for me and my clients at this time.  I’m not sure what it is but I’m listening and taking action.  So what are boundaries?  Personal boundaries define who you are as an individual and therefore the types of opportunities that you allow into your life.  … Continue reading

Barriers to Connection

Whilst good communication and leadership are all important, both in business and when working with horses, it is connection that forms the essential foundation of this triage. This is because if you can connect with others at all levels — one on one, in groups and with an audience — then relationships are stronger, your sense of community and belonging … Continue reading

Design the Alliance – Empower All of Your Relationships

Zoe is happy that Suki sends business her way, but it annoys her when Suki waits until the last minute to give her the work, causing Zoe to have to scramble to get it done in less time than has been promised. Tom and Sarah have recently begun living together. Sarah wishes Tom would just “get it” that she doesn’t … Continue reading

Setting Limits: How to Say Yes to Yourself and No to Others


Read any magazine article or book about parenting and the author will advise of the necessity of setting limits for children. “Set limits and stick to them,” parents are counseled. Limits create the structure and discipline that every child needs for healthy upbringing. It’s the same with our horses, too. We need to set the boundaries and keep to them. However, … Continue reading

How Well Constructed Are Your Boundaries?


Remember that boundaries are those invisible fences around yourself that let people (and your horse) know the limits of what they can say or do around you. Make your boundaries too solid and you build walls, too weak and you allow others’ actions to harm you. We continue the theme of boundaries this month with a great quiz that will … Continue reading

Tending the Fences: Setting Healthy Boundaries

“Good fences make good neighbours.” So goes the old proverb from the well-loved poet Robert Frost in his poem Mending Walls. Likewise, good personal boundaries make for good relationships. Boundaries are those invisible lines of protection you draw around yourself. They let people know your limits on what they can say or do around you. Healthy boundaries give you freedom in … Continue reading