Eclipse: A Poem

Today, I would like to share a poem written by Fran Smith whilst she was Sharing Territory during a two day Instinctive Horsemanship: Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals workshop in August at the great Yeo Vale Retirement Home for Horses in Devon.  Hope you enjoy.


The sunshine transfers to the opposite side of the valley

Shining on the church with the bells ringing.

It is a Sunday, the Sabbath day

A day for rest, relaxation and recreation.

We are not in that church on the hill

And although in the shade momentarily

We then bathe in the light and warmth of the horses.

The Spirited Stallion reigns

In that place where connection is all

The key to survival and a purposeful existence with

Structure, trust and joyful peace.

A peace so silent we can only hear if we listen

To the fluttering eyes and flickering ears

A swish of the tail or stamp of the foot

A snort of the nostrils, flaring.

Assessing everything, ready to run.

Noticing even the butterflies floating by

To keep safe the herd, mares and foals, colts

Constantly monitoring the surrounding life

Creating safety and peace so real.

We pass by in our rushing world

And stupid vanity

Without even noticing.

Who is the ignorant beast really?

By Frances Smith – Williams 2012

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