Everyday Leadership: It’s an Inside Out Job

David sparked a fruitful conversation around waste when he gently asked the cafeteria manager at his workplace whether food might be served without unnecessary containers or wrapping, unless requested. Susan worked a whole year to bring a group of high school students from New Zealand to the United States to train other students in an effective form of peer mediation. … Continue reading

How Healthy Is Your Relationship with Money?


“When our money life aligns with our heart and soul, that’s financial wellness, that’s prosperity,” says Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Life. For most of us, this alignment is lacking. We work in jobs we dislike, just for the money. We’re more debt-ridden than any generation before. Some of us tie ourselves up … Continue reading

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find Out What It Means to You


Every time Lloyd walks past her desk in his smart business suit, Tracy thinks to herself Prima donna CEO. She ignores him, doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. Gerald looks with derision at a videotape of his wife’s recent theatrical performance. Ridiculous to be doing this at her age, he thinks. Missy leaves the house when her husband’s friends are over. They’re all … Continue reading

Leadership as a Way of Life

Leadership As A Way Of Life

I’m always surprised when I run my Unbridled Success retreats and AHA! Leadership days by the number of people who do not think they are leaders. All too often, we believe that leadership is the domain of those with recognized authority, and the title to go with it: CEO, managing director, president, etc. However, in my experience that simply is not true. “In a … Continue reading