The “Active” Leader: Harnessing Willpower to Move from Ideas to Action

With so much going on in our lives how do we get anything done, and prioritise what needs to be accomplished.  In this article I look at the key components that help ensure an idea moves from just that, an idea into action.  These are the exact same techniques that I used to help me get my lovely ponies Bracken … Continue reading

Are You Playing to Win…or Not to Lose?


I recently came across this article that I wanted to share with you as I feel it could help some of you explain what is happening in your own lives. Often we fail to do things not because we can’t but because of a fear of failure. This got me thinking about training my horses and working with my clients. … Continue reading

Skill Set without Mindset Results in Upset

Breaking Boards

“Skill set without mindset results in upset”, these words of Rob Moore from Progressive Property are still ringing in my head after the amazing weekend I experienced at the Power to Achieve Seminar led by Andy Harrington.  The entire weekend was devoted to shifting my perspective to having a “Millionaire Mindset” by really pushing you through your comfort zone. Over the course of the weekend I … Continue reading