Here are just some testimonials from clients.

“This course has inspired me. It has been the only natural horsemanship course that has ever made me want to have more. I think it is because we are talking horse language and working on horse time, and that seems to make all the sense in the world to me when working with horses. I truly recommend Julia Felton’s course based on the Carolyn Resnick Method because it is a mind opener and the biggest benefit in the long run will be the horses, and thet deserve it” – Talia Soldevila, Equilibri

“I think this workshop is very useful as it provides insight into why a horse behaves in a certain way rather than just how to fix it. It encourages independent and creative thinking, allowing people to fix their relationship with their horse themselves, rather than using a quick fix” – Izzy, Yorkshire

“The value of Julia’s programme in building relationships can’t be measured – whether with horses or people. I can’t wait to put it into practice” – Heidi Dawson, Success Unbridled

“I have improved as a human, a leader and a companion. Beat that!” - Nikki Hodgson, Huddersfield

“Whilst the course relates to working with horses the application beyond the equine world is far-reaching. The facilitator, Julia was clear and concise and the programmes was well worth the investment. Invest in your future by investing in this course” – Paul Hodgson

“Julia is very committed and passionate about helping you improve your relationship with your horse, kindly and enthusiastically sharing her techniques to enable you to do so” – Angela Clissett

“Julia is an amazing instructor who exudes enthusiasm for her work. She has excellent presentation skills and make sit easy to participate, without feeling worried or inadequate” – Karen, Hertfordshire

“Horses give us so much without question. This workshop has shown me just how much we take for granted and how there is always something you can do with your horse to improve your bond and understanding” – Nicky, Peterborough

“Having spent over 40 years with horses I now have a different respect for them and can’t wait to build a better relationship with my own horses which I am confident will benefit us all and improve my ground and ridden skills” – Jeanette Wood

“A very moving experience when my horse chose to companion walk with me. Thank you.” – Wendy Broadbent