Top 10 Ways to Handle Adversity

Handling AdversityIt’s a fact of life that adversity happens but it is the way that he handle it that helps defines who we are and what type of horseman(woman) you are.  How do respond when things don’t go to plan?  Do you become dominant and aggressive, or do you disconnect from life and hide out?

We’ve all experienced difficult times in our work or home lives, often through events and circumstances outside our control. But like great trees, humans grow stronger when exposed to powerful winds. Here are 10 suggestions for dealing with the hard times when they happen.

1. Take responsibility. Assume an “I can do something” attitude rather than pointing fingers. If nothing else, you can control your own response to the situation.

2. Limit the focus. Don’t let the problem become all encompassing. When you compartmentalize the difficulty, you can focus on a workable solution.

3. Be optimistic. The ultimate belief in life as positive, even with hard-times and troubles, will result in positive behaviours and positive actions.

4. Think creatively. Approach the problem from new and different directions. Trust your creativity.

5. Have courage. Having courage doesn’t mean you’re not afraid. It means that you don’t let the fear get in the way of doing what you need to do.

6. Take action. Handling the day-to-day details can keep you from getting bogged down in the mud of adversity. Determine what can be done, and do it.

7. Take the long-range view. Remember that “this too shall pass.” Recount other times when you have overcome challenges.

8. Maintain a sense of humour. Even in the darkest times, laughter can help ease the pain.

9. Get support. No need to do it alone. Ask for help.

10. Don’t quit. Persistence may be the greatest of human qualities that help us overcome adversity. Consider how water smoothes stones and wind sculpts cliffsides

I really hope these top tips on handling adversity help you, they have helped me no end.

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