What My Horse Taught me About Stepping Out My Comfort Zone

As I write this the sun is shining and my horses are enjoying the sun on their back after months of rain.  I love it when I can get their rugs off and they can roll in the mud. And OMG is Charlie making up for being rugged up for months.  He is caked in mud from head to toe and as happy as anything.  Oh happy days.

The warmer weather and slightly longer days has seen me getting back into the saddle and riding again.  Toby has asked to come out of retirement and I’m happy with that. We’ve been having some lovely rides together just ambling and exploring the countryside.  Last weekend we went to explore the local water tower.  Only about a 30 min ride but it was a big deal for Toby as he had never been there before, plus he hadn’t been separated from his friends in the best part of a year.  He was really apprehensive at first but bravely put one hoof infront of the other and made his way there.  As he slowly made his way forward I was reminded that this is how we act in business. When faced with doing something outside of our comfort zone (in Toby’s case going to a new place) we start very slowly and gingerly.  Then as our confidence grows we are able to progress faster and faster.
And what made Toby comfortable to explore out of his comfort zone?. Well it is the fact that he trusted me. He knew I would keep him safe and not ask him to anything that would hurt him. When we venture outside our comfort zone it is always easier if we have the support of someone we trust, that’s why having a coach or a business mentor is a great idea. They can support you to reach places that you would not reach on your own.  I know for certain left to his own devices Toby would have stayed with the herd and never ventured to the water tower and he would have missed seeing all the great wildlife and nature we encountered on the way.
So what do you need to do to venture outside your comfort zone this week? Who do you need to support you?  Remember your business can only grow as much as you do, so take the plunge and share with me on facebook what you have done.

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