“When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive”  Chinese Proverb

The first time I heard this quote it was from Kelly Marks as I attend my first Monty Roberts Foundation course, and since that time every time I’ve wanted a teacher and mentor – they have appeared in my life, as if almost by magic.

I would be honoured to be your teacher and guide to help you embark on a journey to develop a better relationship with your horse. One that allows you to be in harmony with everything and everyone around you.

I have a number of scheduled clinics running throughout the year, if none of these suit you please give me a call and we can arrange something especially for you.

All my clinics come with a 100% money back guarantee as I’m certain that everyone who attends the clinics will leave with great knowledge to help them improve their relationship with their horse.  But remember this is not a quick fix but a journey that you will be embarking upon that might seriously change your life. Many former students have found learning the Rituals has brought them life skills “that are applicable to all relationships.”

How will you apply the information you learn?