“You don’t arrive at liberty with a horse; you begin at liberty”

Have you ever wanted to have a better relationship with your horse? One that is based on mutual trust and respect – a true partnership. Sounds simple doesn’t it and yet most of us yearn for such a time when we can be truly connected with our horse. The good news is that now through the pioneering work of Carolyn Resnick there is a way to create this kind of harmonious relationship so that you can dance with your horse.

The Carolyn Resnick Method is philosophy of horse training based on using the horse’s natural instincts. By respecting and working with a horses’ natural tendencies you can shape his behavior to become a true partner who is enthusiastic about his work because its only when a horse has great self esteem that superior performance can be achieved.

This true partnership is achieved by understanding the language of horses and how to communicate with them in this manner. By observing the behaviour of wild horses at the waterhole Carolyn Resnick found the missing link understanding why a horse would allow himself to be trained. The foundation of her method is the seven Waterhole Rituals.  Through application of the rituals you can develop in a horse the attitude to seek out your companionship over another horse which opens the door to an amazing relationship. This is even true of lead horses. It is easy to get a horse to follow your lead if he feels a bond and you take the time to establish the horse’s respect.

All our work is conducted with a horse while he was free at liberty and able to express himself in a natural manner. Working in a free open environment with your horse allows the relationship to develop slowly and naturally. The Seven Waterhole Rituals will take you on a journey with plenty of self-discovery as you learn the true nature of the equine mind.

So come and embark on a magical journey with me that ultimately results in you being able to dance with your horse through the magnetic connection you have with them.  It’ll be FUN and so life changing.